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LuckyCrush Video Chat with Girls

Lucky Crush is free for women, but men will need to purchase credits to use the service, with a credit equal to one minute of conversation. That's why I was so eager to complete this Lucky Crush review for you. If men were paying well for these loans, it would be a great shame if they were disappointed in the service. There are a huge number of online dating sites that do not have a free membership, have become scams or digital dumps. My job was to test whether Lucky Crush was one of them. Since LuckyCrush is only a one-to-one video chat service, I had to use different test standards to assess its usefulness.

How Does LuckyCrush Work?

If you keep reading though, it's LuckyCrush.You will receive a thorough review of my experience testing Live and whether I recommend it for you.

At Beyond Ages, we have a standardized test for our online dating reviews. We use the same photos, the same bio and the same opening lines for every review we do. This allows us to Decipher reliable, accurate comparisons between different online dating sites and recommend the best services for you. However, since LuckyCrush is only a video chat service, we had to leave the well-known path.

LuckyCrush Features

  • Instead of using our trusted photos of a handsome 30s white man and writing the same openings, I had to show my own face and talk to these women live! Fortunately, I'm also a handsome white male in his 30s; someone who oozes charisma, I might add.
  • Instead of sending messages to 50 women as we do on most websites, I bought a few hours of credit and would have bought more if I felt I still didn't have a good impression of the website. This LuckyCrush review is based on my experience talking to the woman during those hours.
  • For those of you who don't want to learn every complicated detail about how this website works, let's start this review with a basic summary. Below you will find the Lucky Crush ratings for the aspects of online dating that men find most important. For reference, these are compared to AFF, which we rate as the biggest hookup site of all time.
  • As you can see from the ratings above, LuckyCrush.Live is not terrible. In fact, I've met some amazing women while testing - but it would be unfair to compare it to the best hookup apps we've tested so far. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience testing this website.
  • We always test the free versions of the websites we review before signing up for a premium membership, and LuckyCrush didn't make the best first impression.
  • After entering a few basic details, such as my email address and gender, I was contacted by a sexy woman who masturbated.
  • I screamed in surprise and joy, but before I could write anything, my free time was up. That's right, LuckyCrush gives you about 10-15 seconds of free chat time before buying credits:
  • 20 credits for $16.90
  • 60 credits for $48.90
  • 120 credits for $89.90
  • This smelled like the beginning of a classic scam. Trap the user with 15 seconds of nudity, take his money and send him to a substandard premium service. But that was not the case. Here are the important things I discovered about LuckyCrush during the test.