Cookies Policy

1.1. What are cookies?

Just like other professional websites, this Service uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are saved by the web browser to improve the user experience and enable some specific features, such as authentication. On a regular basis, cookies do not contain any personal data that can help identify a user, but the personal information we collect may be linked to information derived from cookies. Cookies are generally distinguished as "persistent", stored by a browser and remain valid until the expiration date, unless deleted by the user before that date, and the "session" ones, which expire at the end of the user's session, that is, when the web browser closes. This document discusses what types of information cookies are collected and used, and why in some cases it may be necessary to store these cookies. You can prevent the storage of these cookies, but they may interfere with the functionality of certain components of the Service.

1.2. The cookies we use

We use cookies for registration procedures, general administration and to prevent misuse of our Service. We use cookies when you log in to remember this fact and to prevent you from going through the same steps of the procedure every time you visit a new page. Such cookies are usually cleared when you log out for security purposes. In the event that you submit some data through our forms, cookies may help us remember your information for future reference. To provide a more customer-oriented and user-friendly experience, we need to set cookies to remember your personal settings and preferences. That is why our Service has such functionality so that this information can be remembered and recalled in such a way that you can interact with a page at any time and in any way, depending on your preferences. First of all, we benefit from an affiliate program that facilitates the advertising of our Service. With the affiliate program, we use special cookies to track users and visitors who follow our site through one of our affiliate sites. This helps us to thank them appropriately and offer you bonuses from our affiliate partners for using the services.

1.3. Managing cookies

You can prevent the storage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser (see the Help of your browser for more information). However, disabling cookies may result in the interruption of most features and functionality of this Service. Therefore, we recommend that you do not do this.